Kiwifruit Expression Data

Overview of this BioProject:

Comparative transcriptome analysis of ethylene dependent and low temperature modulated ripening in kiwifruit. The goal of this project was to assess the ripening behavior of Sanuki Gold kiwifruit in response to propylene, during storage and on vine in order to identify ripening related genes.

Properties this BioBroject:

Property NameValue
Data typeTranscriptome or Gene expression
Sample scopeMonoisolate

BioSamples of this BioProject:

Sanuki_Gold_20CW4kiwifruitfruit sample of cultivar Sanuki_Gold 20CW4 ; cultivar : Sanuki Gold; dev_stage : ripe in part; tissue : fruit;
Sanuki_Gold_5CW4kiwifruitfruit sample of cultivar Sanuki_Gold 5CW4 ; cultivar : Sanuki Gold; dev_stage : ripe; tissue : fruit;
Sanuki_Gold_Controlkiwifruitfruit sample of cultivar Sanuki_Gold Control ; cultivar : Sanuki Gold; dev_stage : ripe; tissue : fruit;
Sanuki_Gold_Propylenekiwifruitfruit sample of cultivar Sanuki_Gold Propylene ; cultivar : Sanuki Gold; dev_stage : mature; tissue : fruit;